Abhay Deol responds to Anurag Kashyap’s accusations, calls him ‘toxic and a liar’ | Bollywood

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Abhay Deol has responded Anurag Kashyap‘s allegations regarding his behavior on the sets of their movie Dev D (2009). Abhay, who has been busy promoting his Netflix series Trial By Fire, opened up about Anurag telling lies about him in the press. The actor denied Anurag’s claim that he demanded to stay in a five-star hotel while filming Dev D. Abhay also called Anurag “a liar”, adding that the filmmaker was a “toxic person”. Read also: Abhay Deol reveals he hated fame, remembers drinking ‘like a fool’ every day after Dev D

In a 2020 interview, Anurag had said that working with Abhay Deol during Dev D was ‘painfully difficult’. According to Anurag, the actor wanted to make artistic films, but he also wanted the “mainstream perks” and the “luxury of being a Deol.” Abhay is the cousin of actors Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, and the cousin of veteran actor Dharmendra. In the same interview, Anurag had said that during the shooting of Dev D, Abhay would “stay in a five-star hotel while all the crew stayed in Paharganj” in Delhi as the film was “made on a very tight budget”. Anurag had added that this was a reason why “many of his directors left” Abhay.

Now Abhay has scolded Anurag for telling lies about him. He told Bollywood Hungama in a new interview: “I had my heart on my guard, which is all great – but it gets taken advantage of and then you get reactive. So he (Anurag Kashyap) was a good lesson to me. Then i just avoided him,because i don’t need toxic people in my life.Life is too short and there is so much more to explore.But he(Anurag)is definitely a liar and a toxic person.And i would warn people about him .

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Abhay also said that Anurag sent him an apology after the 2020 interview. “He (Anurag) does that all the time. He was like, ‘You want to yell at me, yell at me…’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care. It’s been 12 years. You are not in my mind even now; get over it.’ He said, “Forgive me, I’ve had a bad day.” I said you are forgiven. I’ve never had a personal agenda. It was much bigger than just me. That’s how I feel about everything. How much will he do of this? And I would never have taken his name and said the things, if he hadn’t gone public too,” said Abhay.

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Last year, in an interview also with Bollywood Hungama, Abhay had called Anurag a ‘gaslighter’. They had worked together in Dev D which was written and directed by Anurag. After the film, the two never worked together on a project again. Dev D was a modern version of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic Bengali novel Devdas. The film also featured Kalki Koechlin, Mahie Gill and Dibyendu Bhattacharya.

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