Actress Poonam Pandey reveals why she didn’t want a divorce, read more

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Poonam Pandey tied the knot with Sam Bombay and since then, Poonam has gone through a rough patch in her personal life. And she also filed a report against her husband accusing him of domestic violence. The actress split up after that and is currently in healing therapy.

Speaking of her failed marriage, she said, “When I was hospitalized, I went through my trauma. At that time I read people’s comments, people wrote different things about me, and what happened to me was told as a publicity stunt. I was broken inside after reading all these things. Then I realized that I gave these people the freedom to write about me like that.”

She further added why she didn’t choose divorce, saying, “I didn’t want to label myself as divorced. At one point I got the feeling that if this relationship breaks down, no one will want to marry me.” as mentioned in Abp live.

As DNA states, “Poonam filed an FIR against her husband Sam Bombay, accusing him of assaulting and harassing her on November 8, 2021. Before that, a few months after her marriage, Poonam filed a complaint against Sam Bombay for physical assault, and he was charged under sections 323, 354, 504 and 506(ii) of the IPC. This year, Poonam and Sam were in the news again. Poonam filed another complaint against Sam after the latter attacked the first and she suffered a few injuries to her head, eyes and ears. Sam was arrested by the Mumbai Police in November. ”

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