Actress Rutuja Sawant denounces Chetan Bhagat’s comment about Urfi Javed and asks him, “Oh man, when will your mentality change?”

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Popular author Chetan Bhagat is getting flak on social media for his unsavory comments about Urfi Javed and her choice of clothes. At a recent event, author Chetan Bhagat cited Urfi as an example of “distraction” while explaining the negative impact of phone addiction among Indian youth. In response, Urfi shared the screenshots of the #Metoo movement in which Chetan Bhagat was accused by many women. Actress Rutuja Sawant, a popular name in the entertainment industry, also mocked the author for speaking badly and making derogatory remarks. Chetan Bhagat said, “There are like daba in the pictures of girls… they are written like that… crores like hote hain in Urfi Javed’s pictures. One of the young men of India is fighting for the country in Kargil. of our youth.” Rutuja is currently playing the role of ‘Shikha’ in the supernatural show ‘Pishachini’. Rutuja berates Chetan Bhagat for his comments saying, “We are soon entering 2023 but so called ‘educated’ people in our society are busy mocking a woman for her fashion choices. Oh man when will your mindset change? Don’t How can you blame a woman’s fashion choices on India’s backward youth? I strongly condemn the comments made by the so-called author, Chetan Bhagat.” Finally, Rutuja says, “This is not the first time a woman topic is discussion about her fashion choices. It’s about time he changed his thinking and tried to move this country forward, not backwards.” Professionally, Rutuja is popularly known for her acting skills in Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali and the show Choti Sardarni.

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