After posting about Visa issues in UAE, Urfi Javed shares a photo from Dubai

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Urfi Javed had recently shared a major problem she faced and it was not because of her risqué clothes but because of her name. The actress was concerned about entry into the UAE following a recent rule change that makes people with one name inadmissible. Well, now the actress is in Dubai and she shared a photo on her Instagram story of herself posing at Marina Beach Resort. She has enjoyed her stay in the UAE. She even shared a post where she performed live and danced to her favorite song. Previously, the actress had uploaded a news report to her Instagram account which revealed that she only had one name on her passport, Uorfi (with the changed spelling). The actress’ last name, ‘Javed’, is not on her passport. “So my legal name is only Uorfi, no surname, and now I’m fucked,” a frightened Urfi remarked. The country had issued a legal circular addressing the passengers who are now accepted or not accepted by the UAE immigration service. On November 21, Air India and AI Express stated that any passport holder with a single name will not be accepted by the UAE Immigration Department. immigration and the passenger will be classified as INAD,” the announcement said. “Then such passenger will not get a visa, and if the visa was already issued, he will be INAD by immigration,” he stated. The rule only applies to visitors, visa-on-arrival and temporary visa holders.

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