Akshay Oberoi: I’ve always tried to create more experiences for my son Bollywood

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Growing up in New Jersey, actor Akshay Oberoi immersed himself in the culture of the US while remaining connected to the roots of his Indian ethnicity. And he wants the same to be true for his son, Avyaan.

So he started his 2023 by taking his son to his very first sports game of his favorite basketball team in New Jersey.

“I am a huge basketball player. I am a devoted follower of professional basketball and have never missed the cheering for my favorite team, even virtually. But this time it was special because my son Avyaan was with me when I went to the Brooklyn game Nets went. Nothing can beat a father’s emotion when he sees his son support his father’s favorites. I’ve always tried to be a practical dad and wanted to create more experiences for my son and this was one of those moments. This was our first live basketball game together and certainly not the last,” he says.

For him, it is important to familiarize his son, and for this he uses sports.

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“You want him to see and feel that your hometown is also his. He’s an extension of me. I want him to be familiar with all parts of my life. I grew up in New Jersey and met my wife Jyoti in New Jersey. We want him to be at least familiar with it. If you don’t have a sense of ownership, just be familiar with it,” he says, adding, “And sport helps build that loyalty and sense of community for that.”

As a hands-on father, the actor wants to create memories with his son, not control. He says, “I’m very careful not to put my opinion too strongly on him. He is only five years old and I want him to grow up with a sense of his own identity. I want him to find that, which can sometimes be colored by what we are taught by our parents or elders around us.”

“The most important thing to me is that we don’t control you. He is his own person. We are only here to help,” says the actor, who will soon play the role of an air force pilot starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone. Fighter.

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