‘Anupama’ did such work on stage, the actress is praised everywhere

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Rupali Ganguly: Actress Rupali Ganguly, who plays the role of Anupama, rules the hearts of many people. In such a situation, a video of the actress goes viral, proving why people like her so much.

Anupama Viral Video: Rupali Ganguly is one of the most popular actresses in the television industry. The actress, who gained recognition in every household from the show Anupama, has become a favorite of people with her character. Recently such a video has gone viral, after watching it you too will become a fan of Anupama or Rupali Ganguly.

Hearts won on stage

In this video you can see Rupali Ganguly on stage. Here she presented an award to an experienced journalist. But Anupama did something on stage that forced people to praise the nature of the actress (Rupali Ganguly). First of all, you should also check out this video that is becoming more and more viral on social media.

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Began to touch the journalist’s feet

On January 15, Rupali Ganguly presented the award to veteran journalist Chaitanya Padukone at the Expendable Awards. The special and noteworthy thing was that after presenting the award, Rupali bowed and started touching the journalist’s feet to seek her blessings. This nature of Rupali impressed many people. Some told her to be connected to the land and some spoke of her good upbringing.Rakul Preet Singh goes bo*lder every day, now showing a curvy figure in a form-fitting dress

Video went viral

This video is going viral on social media. The actress looks gorgeous as always. The actress looks gorgeous in bright makeup and saree. ‘Anupama’ is one of the most popular shows in Indian television today and a major reason for this is Rupali’s strong acting. Please tell Rupali charges 3 lakh rupees for one episode. Rashami Desai Casting Couch Experience: Molested for two and a half hours by mixing drugs into the drink under the pretense of audition, the actress related the incident

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