Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’s Anita Bhabhi shared such a photo in heart-shaped bralet, Tiwari ji will be shocked

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Saumya Tandon Latest Bo*ld Photo: The audience likes the comedy show ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ very much. Not only the story of this show, but all its characters are also quite favorite by the audience. Those stars who left the show are also widely discussed in the audience. One such actress is the show’s old Anita Bhabhi aka Saumya Tandon, who is still loved by the audience. Saumya may not be part of the show today, but she’s always in the news.

In addition to acting, she continues to talk about daring.

Anita Bhabhi i.e. Saumya Tandon has taken a break from acting for a while but she remains very active on social media. Saumya gets the latest photoshoot every day. Meanwhile, a new bo*ld photo of her is going viral on social media. Fans are shocked to see her horniness in this photo.

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‘Gori mam’ got photo shoot done wearing bo*ld bralette

‘Gori Mam’ aka Saumya Tandon shared a last picture of her on Instagram. In this photo, Saumya is wearing a heart-shaped red bralette. In addition, she wears a short black and white glittery skirt. In this, Saumya wears red colored footwear and has high bangs. Sushant Singh Rajput Birthday: Sushant Singh Rajput’s latest video goes viral, heart will be shocked to see actor’s condition

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A post shared by Saumya Tandon (@saumyas_world_)

Such comments come from fans in the picture

Fans love this photo of Saumya. While commenting on this, users praise her appearance. In response, one user wrote, “Your new look is fire.” She was called the most beautiful lady in the world. At the same time, many users call her a doll. Until now, this picture has been seen many times. Urfi Javed did a badass photo shoot with no clothes on, fans trolled her

The mail Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’s Anita Bhabhi shared such a photo in heart-shaped bralet, Tiwari ji will be shocked first appeared on informalnewz.

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