Birthday Girl Sidharth Malhotra Plays Rapid Fire, Answers Interesting Questions From Fans | Bollywood

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The kind of fandom that Sidharth Malhotra enjoys is second to none! His loyal fan clubs never miss a chance to ask their favorite star questions that will help them get to know him better. As Sidharth turns 38 today, we have something to make his fans happy. Since it had been quite some time since the actor did an #AskSid session on Twitter, we asked him to answer some fan questions we received on TRwitter during a recent interview with HT City. Watch how Sidharth spilled the beans in this rapid fire round…

Three things on your bucket list for 2023

Make a superhero movie or play a superhero character. Maybe produce a movie, or involve more than just one actor in a project. And third, maybe pick up an interesting international project.

What’s next after Mission Majnu, Yodha and the Indian Police?

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There’s something really interesting coming up, which is in the pipeline, but as soon as we have the right title, we’ll make the announcement.

Did you and Disha Patani take action together in Yodha?

Yes! Disha is someone who likes the action genre, which I realized while shooting Jodhaand people will be very happy to know that she did some really cool moves and action items in the movie.

When do you make an intense romantic film, a straight-up love story?

Oh, that’s actually number four on my bucket list this year (laughs). I agree with my fans on this, and like I said, we’ll make it soon… it’s all in the pipeline, hopefully we’ll let everyone know soon.

You have slowed down your movie promotions after the pandemic. Why aren’t you more active on social media?

Or really? They find a difference in me before and after the pandemic! Not at all. More effort is put into content development or working on a project to give it more polish and a certain level of quality, as my aim is always to contribute to my films. But thanks for reminding me, I’ll have a quick social media chat soon.

When would you be back with stubble or a full-grown beard?

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They should ask (filmmaker) Mr. Rohit Shetty that. Indian Police Force is a huge show, so we’re taking a few moments to film in different locations and different sets. So when my fans see me over the past few months it’s all thanks to Rohit sir and the IPF look. We have more shoots left and this year we will end, and then people will see me in a different avatar.

We loved your chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor in it I villain. Would you team up with her for Malang 2?

Oh wow, I like that they’re asking me for specific movies now. It’s so exciting to see their level of excitement and love in it. Well, I don’t know what Malag 2 is about, but Shraddha sure. Whenever we meet, we’ve always talked about doing a movie or project together. Now it’s up to a director to come up with a movie and a story that we’re both extremely excited about.

After Shershaah, are you and Kiara Advani doing the next movie from director Shashank Khaitan?

Hahaha, like I said, everything in its time. We want to make a certain announcement, in a good way. If and when all things are in place, it will be announced. So far I think I have enough and more for my audience with a busy 2023, with three different major projects coming up.

If a remake is to be made, which Amitabh Bachchan movie would you like to do?

I am a big Mr Bachchan fan. It’s so funny you talk about him because this is the first time in Mission Majnu that I get to play a character from the ’70s. So our references for the silhouette of shirts and trousers were many of Mr. Bachchan’s earlier body of work. Not that I’ve tried to emulate him, but I think he’s a true hero and star in the action zone. It’s actually really hard for me to choose a movie. I love them all The big gambler Zanjeer until Deewar, Kaalia and more. With Mission Majnu I experienced a little bit of his time, his looks and his time in my head.

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