Charge against Poonam Pandey for obscene video

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Charge against Poonam Pandey for obscene video

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She was booked in November 2020 for allegedly recording an obscene video at the Chapoli Dam in Canacona

IANS, 31 May 2022, 13:50 istupdated: 31 May 2022, 14:22 istPoona Pandey.  Credit: IANS Photo

Goa Police have filed charges against actress Poonam Pandey in an obscenity case allegedly involving a nude shoot at a picturesque dam in Goa two years ago.

She was booked in November 2020 for allegedly recording an obscene video at the Chapoli Dam in Canacona.

“We filed charges against Poonam Pandey last week. After admitting the case, the local court will subpoena her,” a senior police official told IANS.

Following the outcry of the local population in Canacona against the shooting, the Department of the Interior suspended the then police inspector over the matter.

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