Deepika Padukone talks about Besharam Rang, calls Pathaan song ‘massive hit’ | Bollywood

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Actor Deepika Padukone spoke for the first time about the song Besharam Rang from her upcoming movie Pathaan. In a video shared on YouTube by Yash Raj Films, Deepika revealed how the film team worked on the song in ‘very difficult circumstances’. She also called both songs “massive hits.” Deepika was asked to choose her favorite song Pathan–Jhomee Ja Pathaan or Besharam Rang. (Also read | Shah Rukh Khan praises Deepika Padukone for Besharam Rang despite controversy)

In response to the question, Deepika said, “Both songs are my favourite. It’s very hard to choose. They’re both very different. For Besharam Rang, I had to work much harder. That’s my solo song in a way”. The location we were shooting at was very difficult. Even though the track looks very summery, bright and beautiful, it was actually freezing cold and extremely windy. So we were working in very difficult conditions and still had to make it look nice and sunny was the hard part.”

“Having said that, I think I had fun with both songs. The second one is with Shah Rukh Khan. Again, when he and I dance together, we have a really good time. I think we’re both the kind of dancers that not “We don’t really worry about the technical side of a step. We just understand what a step is and have fun with it. So yeah, I think I enjoyed both songs. Both are my favourite, but the great thing is that both songs are a huge hit’, she also added.

Both numbers are provided Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika. Choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant in Spain, Besharam Rang is sung by Shilpa Rao, Caralisa Monteiro, Vishal and Sheykhar. The music is composed by Vishal-Sheykhar and the lyrics by Kumaar. The song was released on December 12 last year. Jhomee Jo Pathaan was unveiled on December 22. The song is sung by Arijit Singh, Sukriti Kakar, Vishal Dadlani and Sheykhar Ravijani.

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Speaking about her on-screen chemistry with Shah Rukh, Deepika added, “Well he and I can both take credit for that. Again, he was also on this intense diet and exercise. So he and I can both take credit for that. pay for the work we’ve bet individually. But in the end it’s the team you work with.”

Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan actor Pathaan is set to hit theaters on January 25. Pathaan is part of Aditya Chopra’s espionage universe and also stars John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana. The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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