Disha Patani’s latest photos are driving fans crazy as they flood her comment section

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Over the years, there have been many actresses in Bollywood who have made a dent in the industry. Some for their acting, others for their privilege and only a handful for their popularity.

Disha Patani is one such actress, who may not reach great heights in terms of her acting prowess, but is definitely a favorite among fans, who seemed to have fallen even more in love after her recent post on her Instagram account.

Dressed in lingerie, Disha Patani’s latest photos on Insta have set the internet ablaze and for good reason.

Fans found themselves drooling over not only her looks, but also her fitness, which can be seen quite clearly in her toned physique, visible through the photo.

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Disha Patani's latest photos are driving fans crazy© Instagram

What caught our attention, however, was the number of guys who ended up blaming the actress for ruining their “No Nut November” run.

NNN or No Nut November is a Gen Z trend that started to see if men couldn’t masturbate for a month, which is what her fans have linked Disha to in their comments.

Disha Patani's latest photos are driving fans crazy© Instagram

They have dropped comments like: “No Nut November chl ra. Kuch to reham karo’, while another suggests: ‘Don’t fall into this trap comrades 🫡 stay strong.’

Someone also commented, “What is this behavior??? How can a man follow NNN, when you look like that.

Disha Patani's latest photos are driving fans crazy© Instagram

Meanwhile, her photo has already garnered more than 1.2 million likes and more than 8,000 comments from fans who find her “irresistible.”

There were rumors at work that Disha was recently kicked out of KTina for “unprofessional behavior.”

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