Disha Patni opened the front zipper at the airport, exceeded the limits of daring and competed for the photo

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Bollywood actress Disha Patani is capturing people’s hearts not only with her adorable smile but also with her classy looks, which we got to see proof of recently at the Mumbai airport.

The cool and casual look of Disha Patani

Disha Patani is one of those beauties who always impresses people with her well-fitting figure and adorable smile whenever she steps out of the house. This is also because she wears the cool and casual look with such confidence, to which she doesn’t want to add a hint of daring. The same thing happened this time as well. This lady was recently spotted at the airport, where she took off from Mumbai to Hyderabad for one of her shoots.

Disha’s love of athleisure does not wane

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In order to catch the flight, Disha Patni had selected sportswear for herself, which she did her best to give it a super cool touch. The actress wore a two-piece set during this time, which included a bralette contrasting with shorts.

Open the zipper and apply tempering

Disha wore a sky blue bralette top with a low cut neckline at the time. At the same time, she had matching white-colored basketball shorts, which looked great in terms of comfort.

Bag and shoes also looked perfect

With this athleisure set, Disha paired white sneakers instead of heels or flats, which looked perfect for travel. At the same time, while crossing the body, she wore a Louis Vuitton slingback, which was also the focal point of the look. Salman rebuked Adil during the phone call and then agreed to get married, you know what he said?

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came out of the house without makeup

Disha kept her look completely makeup free. She had applied a black mask to her face, holding her hair back. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Disha’s toned body showed off perfectly in these attire. Rashami Desai Casting Couch Experience: Molested for two and a half hours by mixing drugs into the drink under the pretense of audition, the actress related the incident

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