Example: How friends, cops and strangers come together to save B.Tech student Sweetie who was injured in a traffic accident

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Noida: Sweety was run over by a car driver in Greater Noida just before the New Year celebrations. His two friends were also injured. This incident happened on the same night as the Delhi Kanjwala incident. But after the efforts of many people, Sweety’s life was saved. The unknown motorist who ran away after kicking B.Tech student Sweetie aside showed inhumanity. On the other hand, Sweety’s friends, teachers and unknown people pulled her out of the mouth of death. They all stood day and night before Sweetie who struggled between life and death. Even the police officers donated their one-day paychecks to save Sweety’s life. A day came when family and friends depended on every rupee and people donated thousands of rupees to save Sweety’s life. When Sweety, who had been fighting death for days, opened her eyes for the first time and said two words, her friends also cried with joy. Sweetie’s parents also had to say that my daughter is lucky to have such friends.

When Sweety’s accident happened in Greater Noida, her father Shiv was at home in Daniawan village in Patna, 1000 km away. He was unable to reach until the next day after getting the information about the accident. This time, however, he didn’t have to wave for help. The biggest reason for this is Sweety’s friends, teachers, classmates and some strangers. Everyone united in their plea to save Sweety’s life. Sweety’s senior Ashirvad Mani Tripathi says, “I had heard that your family are your friends who are not at home. Now I see it too.” Ashirvad and Karan Pandey were the first to reach Kailash Hospital after hearing about the accident. Karsoni and Anganba were there. Sweety was unconscious despite minor injuries. Ashirwad said: “We were told he had severe head injuries and multiple fractures. On December 31, Sweety, her roommates Karsoni and Anganba went shopping to celebrate the New Year. While driving back, the car collided close to the flat.

The friend signed the form at the hospital

Karsoni Dong, Sweety’s roommate and a junior in college, said, “After a loud explosion, I fell down and was unconscious for a few seconds.” When I regained consciousness, I saw blood pouring from Sweety’s ear. I checked his heartbeat. A passerby took us to the hospital. Some told us it was a white Santro. The first responders at the hospital were Sweetie’s close friends, who panicked. Sweety was unconscious and bleeding from her ear. Doctors said he suffered a brain injury. “We had to contact his parents, but his phone was locked with a password,” Ashirwad said. About two hours after the accident, around 11 p.m., the father was able to speak Shiva. However, surgery cannot wait and treatment requires doctors’ approval. That was the hardest part, because his parents were not there and the operation had to be done immediately. It was in such a situation that Aashirvad signed the form. And the biggest challenge was finding money for the treatment. Aashirwad and Karan collected Rs 40,000 through friends they first knew. On the other hand, Shivam Singh, Karan’s fellow party member and Sweety filed a police case for hit and run. The next day, Karan and others went among the students in all classes of the college demanding more money for the treatment.

University faculty and staff helped

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Another student, Prateek Mishra, started a donation campaign of Rs 500 from the college canteen students. After this, not only Sweetie’s classmates helped, but also Junior and the teacher. 60,000 of these have been received but now it is not enough. On January 3, Sweety was in a coma and the hospital bill reached Rs 2.5 lakh. His parents could not pay this bill. Then the social media posts started. From WhatsApp to Instagram, LinkedIn and a student group called “Gniot Confessions,” Sweety was emotionally addressed. In Sweety’s case, the stronger the challenge, the stronger the public support. Pankaj Singh, Head of Admissions Cell, Sweety College, Greater Noida Institute of Technology, said: “Teachers and college staff went into mission mode to raise money for Sweety’s treatment. We were all inspired by how the students stood. The wall behind Sweety.

Everyone’s favorite sweetheart in college

Also, Ashirvad, who works at a technology company in Greater Noida, said that everyone has special reasons to love Sweety. She is everyone’s favorite. All his friends admire his courage. Ashirwad said the college had a sports meeting in November 2021. Sweety was supposed to participate in a relay race, but she declined. In the end, we got her to participate and her team won the silver medal. Along with the university, social media and newspapers were full of his stories. It said that a girl from Patna village, the daughter of a farm worker, had left home for a degree and a job. It was said that she would give her parents a better life, which touched many hearts.

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The police collected 10 lakhs at one time

Gautam Buddha Nagar Police Commissioner Lakshmi Singh said some cases touch your heart. When we spoke to Sweety’s parents, we learned about the family’s humble background. The daughter was sent to achieve something great in life. Now we had to do something outside the police. Lakshmi Singh then asked the Noida police officers to pay a daily salary for Sweetie’s treatment. Of this Rs.10 lakh was immediately collected. By then, the fund for Sweetie’s treatment had reached Rs 29 lakh. “We initially aimed for Rs 5 lakh, but the students themselves raised Rs 7 lakh,” he said.

Sweety first asked where is my phone?

Ashirvad said January 4 is a day of relief for Sweetie’s friends who came out of a coma. On January 8, he spoke for the first time and asked where his phone was. Sweety also remembered her phone password and some of her friends started crying with joy after seeing all this. Sweety is now under strict observation by neurosurgeons at Kailash Hospital. Hospital director Dr BK Sharma said Sweety is recovering well after the main surgery on January 1 and has begun to talk a bit. She recognizes her family. As she becomes more stable, more orthopedic treatments will continue. Neurosurgeon Dr. Sweety is now under the care of Alok Dubey. Orthopedic specialist at the hospital, Dr Bharat Durgya said. Anesthesia will be needed for the surgery, he said. For this, the head injury must be remedied. Sweetie has a broken tibia and fibula in her left leg that needs surgery. There is a fracture in the right leg, which will be fixed with a plaster.

Will Sweetie’s be worse last year?

Sweety is doing B.Tech in Electrical & Communication. Her paper for the last semester started on January 6, but the accident prevented her from attending. This is ruining his year. Dhiraj Gupta, director of GNIOT, said Sweety is an excellent student. Even though he is bound by the rules, Dr. APJ said to send him to Abdul Kalam Technical University. If the university deems it appropriate, a special exam may be given to Sweety if she is qualified to write the paper. If that is not possible, the paper must be awarded next year.

Father said – my daughter is lucky

On the other hand, Sweety’s father says that this is all a later matter. The most important thing now is that his daughter is alive. All this was possible with the help of friends and many strangers. My daughter is lucky to have such friends. It was unimaginable that I could make so much money and everything else. In addition, it brings a little relief, even under heavy stress.

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