Exclusive! Uorfi Javed: Yes, I do it for attention. What is wrong with that?

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Uorfi Javed has grabbed eyeballs for her provocative attire and I don’t care attitude towards trolls and comments on social media. As the complaints against her pile up, we spoke to her about her controversial image, work and how her family is concerned about her. ‘LOOK FOR SAFETY BECAUSE I FEEL SCARED AND UNSAFE’ The Maharashtra State Commission for Women on Tuesday asked the Mumbai Police to investigate Uorfi’s request for safety, following threats and complaints. She says: “There are great political leaders who want to take matters into their own hands. If they think something is illegal they should go to the police or court, but people here want to take the law into their own hands by publicly threatening me and saying they will hit me. That’s why I feel unsafe and I have no other choice. It is not an ordinary person who threatens me, but a politician who has the power to influence many people. Many people follow them, and that way they can influence people to hit me. This is not right.’ ‘I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WEARS THIS CLOTHING’ In response to those who say that her clothing style is designed to attract attention, she says: ‘Who decides what is good and what is not? Celebrities say I do all this for attention… Yes, I do it for attention. This industry is all about popularity and attention, so what’s wrong with that? They complain about my clothes, but won’t say anything to those who have threatened me with murder and rape. These people have no problem with my clothes, they are just here to attract attention by using my name.”

Uorfi defends her choices, saying she’s not the only one who wears “this kind of clothes” and that there are a lot of girls uploading photos in bikinis. “Today they are trying to dictate to me, slowly they will want to control all the girls and tell them what to wear.”

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‘I WANT TO GET WORK BASED ON MY ACTION TALENT’But would this affect her prospects in this industry? “I have no relationship or friendship with anyone in this industry. And if I get work in this industry based on my relationships with people rather than my acting talent, then I don’t want such work. If I believe in something, I will stand up for it and I will never compromise just to get a job,” says Uorfi. career. However, they are concerned for her safety given the threats she receives on social media. She says, “My mom gets worried when she hears about these things because it’s not just on social media, I get calls.”Urfi JavedTimeline of the complaint against Uorfi for ‘inappropriate’ dress in publicBJP leader Chitra Wagh shared on social media that she had filed a police complaint against Uorfi. “Half-naked women walk openly in the street. Why is the Women’s Commission not taking note of this itself? The protest is not against Uorfi, but against the attitude of walking openly in public places, (sic)” Wagh tweeted in Marathi. Bas Asli kaam nahi hai inn politicians k Easter? There is literally no article in the constitution that can force me to send me to prison. (sic)”Uorfi met with the chairman of the Maharashtra State Commission for Women and filed a complaint against Wagh for “criminal harassment to harm”. She requested preventive action under the relevant section of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), alleging that Wagh had threatened to hit her while interacting with the media. Uorfi visited Amboli police station to record her statement. No FIR has yet been registered on Wagh’s complaint, an official told a news agency.

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