Faadu actor Pavail Gulati thinks that online ratings of a show or movie is not a matter of life or death | Bollywood

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Pavail Gulati basks in the success of Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari directed series Faadu (2022) after delivering incredible performances with Dobaraa (2022) and Bye (2022). The 35-year-old, who has spent 12 years in this industry, tells us that he is extremely picky when it comes to choosing roles.

“So what I look for in a character is someone who is gray. Every protagonist or antagonist should have something gray in them. It can’t be black and white. That’s what excites me, because it allows me to find more layers in the character,” says Gulati, adding, “We’re not perfect and we’re not the worst of people. Everyone has their own vices and just to humanize the character, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Gulatis Faadu got 8.0 ratings on IMDb, but the actor feels that it may be important to attract the audience, but it does not affect him. He shares: “You worked hard so it feels good and it does for the audience. If you want your work to reach people and if you want them to enjoy it, that helps of course.”

That said, the actor adds: “It’s not a matter of life and death. Aaj success hai, kal nahi hai, parso firse hoga. All negatives and positives need not be taken to heart. It feels great when people like the show (Faadu) – uske liye hi toh aap jeete ho.

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Asked if he ever gets scared that no to a project could slow down his career, a confident Gulati tells us he has never regretted projects he didn’t sign or say no to, adding that in the 12 year of his journey has experienced so much that these things no longer affect him.

Further explanation on the matter, the Thapad (2020) actor says “I was the same when I was out of work – jeb mai paise nahi the, dil mai Raja tha mai. If I do anything and everything, I’m not building credibility for myself. I don’t want to present myself to the public when I’m terrible. You must believe in what you are doing. I used to be hesitant to say no to filmmakers, but along the way you realize that honesty is the best policy. I now tell them the reason why I don’t want to be part of a project. They feel bad about it at first, but they soon realize it was only meant for the better. Bahut choti industry hai, sabko pata lag jaayega- it may hurt right now, but honesty will go a long way.”

Gulati reveals to us that he is not insecure about the rising number of shows on OTT and in fact denies the competition saying, “I think the competition has decreased due to different OTT platforms coming into play. The number of actors may have increased, but they have capabilities that were not previously available. It has only been a blessing.”

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