Farhan Akhtar: Didn’t attend the award ceremonies for Dil Chahta Hai, was afraid people would ask me to speak on stage | Bollywood

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Farhan Akhtar is a natural on stage, and almost everyone agrees. And a testament to this are his live shows – his band Farhan Live recently completed 10 years since its formation. Even in the awards shows he has hosted, he never manages to make people laugh.

That’s why it’s surprising when he reveals that he’s come a long way when it comes to speaking on stage. “I didn’t feel comfortable speaking on stage. When I go down and make music, I know what to do, so it’s easy for me. If I have a conversation with you, it’s easy anyway because we’re busy with that. But when someone says ‘go on stage and speak to the audience for 25 minutes’, part of me always wonders ‘why are they interested in what I have to say? What am I going to do, give a PPT presentation?’ That stuff makes me nervous,” laughs the 49-year-old.

But ironically, he has a profession that requires him to talk to people all the time. Akhtar continues: “I am prepared for that. When you play a character, you lose inhibitions because the character allows you to. It’s a strange psychological thing that happens. It’s easier when I’m a character. If something makes you nervous, you should do it more so that you can ease it.

He cites an example of hosting awards ceremonies. “It helped me get over it slowly but surely. But when I think of the years of Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya… DCH has won a number of awards. I didn’t even go to those shows because I was afraid I’d have to go up and say something. So I didn’t go!,” the actor is candid.

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