From getting into legal trouble for her outfits to teaching dads about periods: times when Urfi Javed sparked controversy

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Urfi and Chahatt recently got into a fight. Urfi said: “At least I’m not buying followers! And if you’d like to do your homework, I was there for an interview, I was dressed for an interview, which is none of your business. You’re just jealous that even after paying the paps they don’t cover you. Chahatt Khanna whatever anyone on this earth does is none of your business, why didn’t you upload this story for Ranveer Singh? Shows your hypocrisy. See, I didn’t judge you for your two divorces, dating much younger men, so why judge me? After reading her post, Chahatt said: “I don’t need to be a part of this drama but it’s essential to let my followers know people talk a lot and bark little but people who know me know I’ve worked hard to come here and achieve a lifestyle and not alimony first check records before you talk have never taken a dime also my divorce could have easily been targeted everyone knows about this But people with class would never do that too I do not expect class from classless people nor paid media.”

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