Jaya Bachchan reached the airport with Amitabh Bachchan, lost her temper again, issued such a warning to paparazzi

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Jaya Bachchan Angry: Whenever Jaya Bachchan came face to face with paparazzi, she took many classes for photographers. Now Jaya reached Indore again, she couldn’t restrain her anger. And she issued a warning to the media.

Jaya Bachchan Video: The relationship between Jaya Bachchan and the camera is decades old and also very deep. But don’t know why the media cameras don’t like the actress. If they accidentally see paparazzi, just consider it their night. That’s why paparazzi keep a little distance from Jaya Bachchan, but the anger of the actress who reached Indore erupted again as soon as the cameras showed. One of her videos from Indore airport is going viral, in which she not only warned the photographers but also told them that they would be taking their jobs away.

Jaya Bachchan lost her temper again

Jaya Bachchan had even reached Indore with husband Amitabh Bachchan where she spoke to someone at the airport, when media cameras started capturing her, Jaya Bachchan got angry and said not to take a picture of her. After which the security personnel standing there starts removing the media. That’s when Jaya is heard saying, “People like that should be fired.”Aabha Paul struck bold poses as he sat in the bathtub, respectfully covered in rose petals; People are sweating after seeing the pictures

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Now this video has gone viral on social media and people are commenting on it a lot.

Even before that, Jaya Bachchan had similarly taken a media class at the airport when asked what newspaper she was from. Then Jaya was quite surprised when she heard the name paparazzi. Then she was seen at the airport with granddaughter Navya. Apart from this, she herself reprimanded the paparazzi standing outside her house after she came out of the house and chased her away.Shanaya Kapoor showed a tough figure in bodycon dress, it was hard to lose sight of her charming looks

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Besides, not only for this reason, but Jaya Bachchan often remains in controversy because of her behavior. Actually, Jaya doesn’t like anyone entering her personal space without permission. She herself had said, “I don’t like such people who fill their stomachs by peeping into other people’s personal lives.” She had asked, “Don’t be ashamed.”Esha Gupta showed off her charming style in off-shoulder dress, fans got hurt after seeing her brutality

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