John Abraham and Disha Patani prove ‘Fit is Fab’ in Sofit’s new ad, ET BrandEquity

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While Abraham sips from Sofit, Patani tries to complete the main dance move for their upcoming show.

They soon realize that they are waiting for their flight at the wrong gate. They make their way through various obstacles and people, to be on time to board.

They take a sip of Sofit to feel refreshed before passing a train of airport trolleys.

As they run, Abraham lifts Patani and helps her cross the trolleys to reach the correct gate before boarding.

The movie closes with Patani gushing about finding a dance move for their show as they make their way to the right gate.

Ankit Desai, Director of Marketing, Hershey India said, “Our new film showcases the brand ambassadors Abraham and Patani who are extremely fit and health-conscious and resonate with our brand personality.”

“The new communication encourages consumers not only to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but also to maintain it full of energy and vigor. It strongly reflects that if you feel fit on the inside, you will ultimately be fantastic on the outside,” added Desai.

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Watch the TVC here:

Patani joins the Sofit family alongside John Abraham, who has been with the brand for over seven years. Patani and Abraham are advocates of healthy living, and their shared health and fitness values ​​resonate with the brand’s core message — “Fit is Fab,” according to the company. Known for her dedicated fitness routine, Patani is an inspiration to many health-conscious individuals, the company said in the press release.

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Published December 22, 2022 at 3:00 PM IST

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