Kannada movies will always be my priority: Sapthami on Bollywood debut | Bollywood

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Actor Sapthami Gowda, who last appeared in Kantara (2022), is currently shooting for filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s next film, The Vaccine War, in Hyderabad. Gowda is excited about his foray into Hindi films with the lead actors of Anupam Kher and Nana Patekar, saying, “Vivek, sir, watched Kantara and talked to Rishab Shetty (Kantara director and actor), sir. He said I’d be perfect for a character in his next one. Rishab sir gave him my contact and Vivek sir called me and offered the role. He said, “I’ll be glad if you were a part of this movie.” I immediately got on board. I was briefed on my character and soon I was sent a script. And so I made my Bollywood debut.”

Though this is her third movie as an actor and her first Hindi outing, the actor doesn’t see himself looking for a permanent place in Bollywood. “If a project appeals to me, I like to be part of it. But I am always looking for Kannada film projects and that is my priority. I like the language. I also signed up for a Kannada movie called Kaali,” says the actor.

Speaking about her Bollywood debut and the importance of her character, the 26-year-old says she started shooting on January 15 and so far it’s been an amazing journey, full of learning. “There are no main characters in the film. Of course there is a language barrier, but I worked on it. My character is a bit hard to play, but I feel like every character is hard. I believe you’re not doing something right if you find a character easy to play. It’s an exciting role and I have a lot of fun shooting,” says the actor.

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As for the language barrier, Gowda says she’s learning to overcome the challenge. “Vivek mister helped me a lot with getting my lines and accent right. He told me I can learn the rules in Kannada or English but I just have to make sure the feelings are conveyed. It’s not the line that matters, but the emotion it brings. He said my eyes should speak more than my dialogues and that has stuck with me. He has been a huge support to me,” she concludes.

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