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Social media star and clothing influencer Urfi Javed mostly remains in the news for her unusual outfits and bizarre fashion choices. Recently, Javed has faced some backlash against her innovative outfits, mainly from Bhartiya Janta Party leader Chitra Wagh.

BJP leader Chitra Wagh was outraged by some of the outfits Urfi Javed wore in public, and she eventually filed an FIR with the Mumbai police against the fashion star on social media. Wagh said Javed’s revealing outfits are inappropriate and not suitable to be worn in public.

Chitra Wagh had met with Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar to file a complaint against Urfi Javed for allegedly “indulging in public nudity on the streets of Mumbai”. Urfi Javed was later summoned by the police and had to make a statement about this.

After filing the complaint, the BJP leader tweeted: “Today I have met the Commissioner of Police of Mumbai and the Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) and asked them to take immediate legal action against Uorfi Javed as he indulging in public nudity on the streets of Mumbai.”

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Chitra Wagh further slammed Urfi Javed on Twitter, saying, “Half-naked women walk the streets openly. Why is the Women’s Commission not taking note of this itself? The protest is not against Uorfi, but against the attitude of walking openly in public places. And yes… the women’s committee is doing everything it can or isn’t it?”

Javed took her statement with the Mumbai Police saying that it is her constitutional right to dress as she pleases and that she often wears such outfits for photo shoots and is not given time to change before she leaves, and that’s when paparazzi click pictures of her and post them on social media.

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This is how ancient Hindu women used to dress. Hindus were liberal, educated, women were allowed to choose their clothes, actively participated in sports, politics. They were sex and female body positive people. First, go and learn more about Bhartiya Sanskriti. pic.twitter.com/IeH1tHcEFG — Uorfi (@uorfi_) January 14, 2023

Urfi Javed hit back at the BJP leader and had posted a series of photos on Twitter of how women dressed in ancient India. She said, “This is how ancient Hindu women dressed. Hindus were liberal, educated, women were allowed to choose their clothes, actively participated in sports, politics.”

Urfi had further said that Hindu women in ancient India were “positive about sex and female body”, indirectly urging Chitra Wagh to “get to know Bhartiya Sanskriti first”. She also eventually filed a countersuit against Wagh for threatening her in the public domain.

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