Lock Up contestant Vinit Kakar responds to ‘tharki’ being called by Poonam Pandey

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Vinit Kakar’s departure from Lock Upp was inevitable given how he kept a low profile on the show. When host Kangana Ranaut pointed out his “eat, sleep, repeat” routine in prison, the actor said he couldn’t find a connection worth his time. Following his departure from the reality show, Vinit spoke exclusively to indianexpress.com and shared that he was laughing all day long, knowing that he could walk away at any moment. He also said that he entered the show with the aim of making people realize that it is Munawar Faruqui and Kaaranvir Bohra who rule the house.

The actor added: “Bohra got out within two days of my entry. As per my strategy, I planted myself in the Blue team to break the alliance Faruqui had and make him weak. However, I quickly realized that it were not alliances but that they are followers of Faruqui Be it Anjali Poonam or even Shivam everyone listened to him without any doubts That was unexpected for me As I came in late it was also a big disadvantage and the the icing on the cake was that Bohra and Saisha came back, they belong to the same lobby and that made it more difficult for me.”

Vinit Kakar further shared that after losing the task in the arena, he was sure that none of his team members would save him. The actor stated that he couldn’t court people in prison, saying, “I’ve never been a diplomatic player. That’s not my style. I’m an impactful person and I can’t change myself for anyone. I can’t do chamcha either are, and that worked against me.”

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Though he feels it’s Kaaranvir Bohra and Munawar Faruqui who are grabbing all the attention, he doesn’t think either of them will win the show. He said, “Mark my words, Anjali Arora will win the show. And if it’s not her, it’s Zeeshan Khan. I started my journey with a reality show and I know how it works. I can give it on stamp paper that although Munawar will make it to the finals, he will not win.

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Vinit Kakar also addressed the recent controversy in the show where Poonam Pandey called him ‘tharki’ (pervert). Anjali also said that she gets similar feelings from him. Asked to comment on this, the actor said, “It was very surprising as Poonam and I are Facebook friends. Being an active user I do get her videos on my wall. on another platform I’m shocked she said something like that The last thing in my life would be to get interested in a female reality show contestant I don’t think I even spoke to any of them for more than two minutes “Whether it’s Poonam or Anjali, they just did it to get attention. It’s really sad.”

As a final note, Vinit Kakar said that he has learned his lesson and will never join a reality show as a wild card contestant. As for his biggest takeaway, Vinit said he now realizes that if you’re in panchayats and indulge in fake fights, only one will get ahead.

This week, the nominated contestants in Lock Up include Anjali Arora, Munawar Faruqui, Payal Rohatgi, Mandana Karimi, Zeeshan Khan, Ali Merchant, Shivam Sharma and Kaaranvir Bohra.

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