Lock Upp Evicted Contestant Poonam Pandey Says ‘Munjali’ Was Written: ‘It’s Disgusting And Nasty’

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After losing the final arena task, Poonam Pandey was kicked out of Lock Upp on Tuesday. After her departure, the actor said she was binge-watching her footage to know how she fared in the Kangana Ranaut-hosted show. Speaking to indianexpress.com, Poonam called Lock Upp an amazing experience and said she was ‘amazing’ at the game, adding, “It was an invaluable experience for me. I will never forget this.”

Although Poonam had a great start to the show, she failed to keep up the momentum. The actor confessed that the past two weeks had been tough on her mentally, saying, “I was in a lot of physical pain. It became quite difficult for me because certain pain also has a history. All of that led to a tough time. Also, I was heartbroken by the epidural of my close friends.

When asked if it was the betrayal of Munawar Faruqui or Saisha Shinde that hurt her more, she replied, “None of them. It was Anjali Arora’s betrayal that touched me. Anjali was all fake and I was shocked that people even cheat like that. It was quite shocking.”

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While discussing her friends, we questioned Poonam Pandey about ‘Munjali’. While many fans adore the couple, many question the bond between Munawar and Anjali and say it’s just for the game. Poonam shared her view and said, ‘From what I have seen and got to know from Ms. Kangana, they have partners outside. That’s why I find it disgusting that they can go that far even if they have someone outside. They need to watch how they express love for others. You can’t do that to your loved one. It’s a reality show and it’s so sad that they script stuff like that. They are my friends, but I think it’s so wrong. I haven’t seen Munawar do this yet, but Anjali takes it to another level. I wonder what Akash (Anjali’s friend) must think. And now it’s not even Munawar but Prince. It’s so mean.”

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Looking back on her journey, the actor said: “There is nothing that bothered me much. I do not regret it, even if I was betrayed. As I knew it was for the game. Hence everything will be remembered as a happy memory.”

On Judgment Day, when a journalist questioned Poonam Pandey’s ways of getting votes – by promising to go topless on camera – she found support in Kangana Ranaut. The host defended her by saying that if that’s her talent, she can use it. Speaking of the same thing, the evicted contestant said, “I was on cloud nine when she supported me. I have always done what I have done with confidence, but I would get upset if someone said something negative. Now I’ll be badass and bindaas. My respect for Kangana even increased after she assisted me. She respects talent and understands that I don’t do anything cheap. I remember when I was given the task of being a temptress princess she praised me and said I looked so beautiful.

When we ended the chat, Poonam said that while anyone could win the show, her choice would be Munawar and Payal.

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