Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey says her family kicked out of housing community | Web series

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On Thursday’s episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp, Poonam Pandey was seen crying as she remembered the time when she couldn’t get a house for herself after getting out of a hospital. Poonam spoke to fellow contestant Kaaranvir Bohra during the show. Kangana Ranaut is the host of the show and Karan Kundrra is the jailer. (Read also: Lock Upp day 45 written update: Azma says ‘Anjali can only wash other people’s clothes’)

With Kaaranvir Bohra by her side, Poonam Pandey wiped her tears before saying, “I am talking about just 3-4 years ago. I was with my family – my mother, father and sister…we all lived together. kicked out of society because it was my family Mom and Dad didn’t say anything because I was the only earner in the family Have I ever said bad things about anyone Try to find an article like that All I do is in my corner and do my job.”

Kaaranvir said, “Tu bhai hai bhai (You are a brother)”, holding her arms and trying to calm her down. Poonam added, “I got out of the hospital and was refused entry to my house. Everyone says I am wrong and bad. People don’t try to understand me but they judge me. At least meet me and try to understand me before understand you judge me.”

The episode was not devoid of the usual fights and ugly moments. Kaaranvir and Mandana Karimi battled with Anjali Arora about preparing for the week’s arena performance. Mandana called Anjali “little sh**” and “little b***h”. Anjali then replied, ‘Apne abhi ye little bit dekha nahi hai. Thou little bit of aayi na bahar for thou little bit of bachegi nahi. (You haven’t seen this little b***h and if she comes forward that big b***h won’t be able to handle it).”

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After some time, Mandana requested Saisha Shinde to nominate her for exclusion if given the chance. She added that the game forced her to become a person she is not.

Just before the performance, Payal and Saisha got into an argument and Payal yelled at Saisha and said “Don’t become my mother.” Saisha was very upset and later told the camera, “No wonder she doesn’t get any roles, who would want to work with her.”

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