Lock Upp: Poonam says Munawar, Anjali is worse than the one who thrashed her | Web series

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On Wednesday’s episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp, Munawar Faruqui cried a lot and complained how his close friends Saisha Shinde and Anjali Arora “stabbed him in the back” during the task for Ticket to Finale. (Also Read: Lock Upp: Zeeshan Khan reacts to being banned from the show for punching Azma)

During the task, the contestants had to line up stones for a contestant’s name and kick them out of the race to the finals. After Payal Rohatgi was kicked out of the race, Saisha and Anjali conspired to collect enough stones for Munawar. It was then that Munawar started complaining about broken trust and friendships.

Munawar first told Anjali and Saisha that they stabbed him in the back and dumped him. “All this now reminds me how many times I’ve been dumped in life, because I trust people. Do you want to play the game individually? I’ll show you the game.” Both Saisha and Anjali were hurt when Munawar accused them of grounding him despite many times discussing that they must be individual players in the game.

Munawar was not kicked out of the race to the final because Prince Narula refused to give them the final, golden stone that would decide the final.

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Prior to the task for the final race, Poonam Pandey, Saisha and Anjali separately discussed Munawar’s involvement in the game. Talking about Anjali and Munawar, Poonam told Saisha that she felt bad for treating him like a brother sincerely. Anjali was also a good friend, but they always chose the game over the relationships.

Poonam said, “Maine jisse maar khaayi wo bhi inse accha hai (Even the person who thrashed me is better than her).” Saisha then interrupted to correct her and said, “Listen, no matter what, you cannot defend what he did. There is no way that can be right and Munawar and Anjali are much better than him.”

After separating from her ex-husband Sam Bombay, Poonam has often talked about domestic violence. She even talked about it at length during her time with Lock Upp.

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Poonam was also seen crying in the episode after reminding Munawar that she often played for her team and battled against her own physical limitations and medical issues to ensure the team won tasks. “I play the game despite visiting back-to-back hospitals,” she said.

Earlier, when Anjali started defending Munawar during a battle, Payal asked Munawar, “Can’t you defend yourself? Why do people around you have to say something when I say something to you?” Munawar replied, “That’s called friendship. I’ve earned that here.”

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