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Filmmaker Onir has said he doesn’t like it Pathan song Besharam Rang, a month after he criticized those who criticized it. Speaking at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival, Onir also said that he is not sure why his talk at the recent Bhopal literary festival was canceled at the last minute. Onir also revealed that he was asked if his tweet “about the controversy” over the song was related to the cancellation. (Also read | Besharam Rang row: Onir asks if ‘now goons will decide what we watch’)

Besharam Rang was released on December 12 and quickly became the center of controversy. Some of the people found Besharam Rang objectionable because of the choice of costumes and colors. Featured the song Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone romance in Spain.

As quoted by PTI news agency, Onir said: “Someone asked me if this (interruption of calls) was a repercussion of my tweet on the controversy over Pathaan’s Besharam song. I don’t like the song but I will speak for something that’s wrong I don’t see my colleagues commenting I’ve had a few people inbox me, and I’m like… Your love in the inbox means nothing, if you can’t come out and put me in assist the open air.’

Back in December when Besharam Song was released, Onir had called a Twitter user when they shared screenshots of the song and tried to troll it. The person had written, “What kind of man would allow or tolerate public assault of his wife for a few bucks? Just ask!!!”

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Onir replied, “Yeah…, sick mentality. The use of words like ‘allow’, ‘tolerate’ shows that he belongs to that tribe of men who think that a man owns the women. And only a vulgar mentality could make a montage like this. Retired and now nothing better to do than zoom in on photos and spread hate.”

He had also written: “I can’t imagine that the most important thing to debate for a bunch of politicians (whose fame is propagating hatred and dividing the country and inciting violence) and the mainstream media is the costume worn by two actors being worn for a song!” He also added the hashtags: unemployment, inflation and climate crisis.

Re-sharing a video posted by a news outlet on Twitter in which MLA Sadhvi Pragya spoke out against Pathaan, Onir had said, “There is no point in a film certification board / judiciary / law enforcement agencies.. now goons will decide what we watch .Terrible times…”

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Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is scheduled to hit theaters on January 25. In addition to Shah Rukh and Deepika, the film also features John Abraham, Ashutosh Rana and Dimple Kapadia.

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