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This has been announced by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Pathaan has a 12A rating. The organization’s website also reveals some spoilers of the action movie’s plot involving violence, sex, and threats. It writes that the film is about an undercover cop and an ex-con who work together “to prevent the release of a deadly synthetic virus”. The Siddharth Anand movie, also starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, will be released on January 25. (Read also: Pathaan obtains UA certificates after these 10 cutbacks)


The action film, which has a running time of 146 minutes, has an injury detail, sex, threat, and horror and violence warning on the BBFC website. Under injury detail, the BBFC warns, “Face blood is occasionally seen and also blood from a gunshot wound in the aftermath of violence. When characters are infected with a deadly virus, they are shown with boils on their faces.”

On sex, the website writes: “There is a moderate sex reference in which a woman rubs her bare knee against a man’s clothed crotch. Later, a man is embarrassed when a woman wears lingerie in a bedroom and asks him to cover her wound. A woman seductively presses a man’s hand against her bare leg. There are undetailed verbal references to prostitution and a man accidentally uses the word ‘boobles’ instead of ‘rubles’ after being distracted in a comedy scene.” The scenes do not indicate which characters are involved.

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The threat and horror warning shares that a “pregnant woman is shown gagged, bound and threatened with a gun.” Additionally, “A woman and man are briefly seen being waterboarded. Several characters are endangered in a crashed, burning car and a woman falls into a frozen lake.”

Being an action movie, there are some warnings of violence. The website shares that: “There are shootings, stabbings, strangulations and explosions, as well as stylized hand-to-hand combat, including punches, kicks, headbutts and throws. One man is beaten with sticks while hanging upside down and another has his head hit a metal bar.” It added: “To avoid dying from a painful virus, a woman takes her own life by shooting herself in the head, but we don’t see this on screen. Mild foul language includes the terms ‘gory ‘, ‘bastard’, ‘God’, ‘damn’ and ‘hell’.”

The BBFC website also states that one scene was cut from the film, but does not share which one was cut. In India, Pathaan has been awarded a UA certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification. The film has ten parts that were made at the suggestion of the CBFC, including the removal of Deepika Padukone‘s close-ups and a few dialogue changes.

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