Poonam cries seeing Munawar-Anjali romance: ‘Akeli marungi main’ | Web series

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In the last episode of Lock Upp, Poonam Pandey was seen crying and complaining about a recent breakup and the fact that her marriage was not lasting. The statements came after host Kangana Ranaut and guest Ankita Lokhande teased Munawar Faruqui and Anjali Arora for their chemistry on the show. (Also Read: Ankita jokes she’s pregnant, says ‘soon’ after Kangana hopes it comes true)

Shortly after Ankita left, Poonam Pandey was seen walking restlessly and told Anjali, “I just went somewhere else. Nothing to do with you guys.” Poonam was sitting on a couch when she got emotional and Anjali kept asking her what happened. “Abhi break up hua tha (I just had my break up),” Poonam said covering her face and crying.

Munawar then joined Anjali and Poonam and asked what happened. Poonam said to Anjali, “Mat bol na, mai strong hoon (Say nothing, I am strong).” Anjali wondered if Poonam told her, or reassured herself.

Poonam stooped, covered her face and cried while Anjali told Munawar, “She is upset because iska abhi abhi broke up hua hai (she just broke up).” Munawar then jokingly said, “Hey! Humara bhi abhi bahar ja ke, 5 hafte me hone wala hai (We are also separating in five weeks when we get out).” Anjali then added, “Maybe it’s already a rupture from one side.”

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“Maine bahut tries kiya yaar chaar saal, but nahi sambhalna yaar bahut tries kiya maine. Meri bhi shaadi tikk gayi hoti yaar (I tried my best for four years but it didn’t work, I wish my marriage would have lasted).” Anjali tried to cheer things up, but Poonam kept crying.

Munawar asked her not to get angry and to believe in God as there must be something better in her destiny. Anjali tried to calm her down but Poonam said, “I don’t think I will ever get anything in life. Akeli marungi Main, aise slut-shaming karte hain bura lagta hai mujhe (I will die alone. She slut-shaming me a fate and it feels bad).” Anjali told her that crying can’t help anything.

Later, Poonam calmed down and laughed saying to Munawar, “Tera break up with ho raha hai (you are definitely breaking up)” and added seriously, “God forbid.” Munawar then ended the conversation saying, “Pavitra rishta to bahar hai (My pious band is outside).”

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Poonam Pandey married Sam Bombay in September 2020 and she filed a case against him for sexual assault and domestic violence just days later. He was arrested and later released on bail.

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