Poonam Pandey started publicly bathing in open air with Shivam Dubey, has taken off her clothes before

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The new episode of Lock Up had some tense moments for the viewers as Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey decided to shower openly in the garden. Shivam felt that he should bathe openly in the courtyard. He took a bucket of water and got into his pants to take a bath. However, Sayesha Shinde and Poonam Pandey started shouting that it is inappropriate for them to wear their pants.

He shared with Payal Rohatgi that it is an old show and he is repeating himself. After this, Shivam took off his pants and started bathing in his underwear. Sayesha and Poonam pulled a bench and sat on it to enjoy the show. Later, Poonam Pandey also decided to take a bath in the garden. She shares her plan with Saisha and Payal Rohatgi and says she is there for the public.

Sayesha and Prince enter the jail and inform Munavwar and others that Poonam Pandey plans to take a bath in the garden. The prince says, “That’s why I’m not going out.” “I’m not going either because I’m fasting for Ramzan,” says Munawwar. Sayesha teases him and they start laughing. Later, we see Prince Narula, Munavvar, Anjali and Sayesha talking about Poonam and her antics. Munawwar says, “The chances of her going have increased, Poonam because the makers wanted what they got, now you can go Poonam, because we got what we wanted.”

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Prince continues: “Look, those who want to see Poonam will vote for her till the end. They will always vote for her because they want to see what she will do next.” “If she promises to take off the T-shirt in the Thursday to Friday episode, if the viewers save her or vote for her the most, they win the show,” Munawar joked.Aabha Paul struck bold poses as he sat in the bathtub, respectfully covered in rose petals; People are sweating after seeing the pictures

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Prince starts laughing and Munawwar says the makers will make him the winner for the final trophy. They will hand him the trophy a week before the final and tell him not to waste everyone’s time. Prince goes on to say that he will accept to the makers that after Poonam’s move there is nothing they can do.

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When Poonam took a bath, except Payal Rohatgi, everyone else was sitting in the locked room. The makers of the show have not broadcast the footage of Poonam taking a bath in the lockup. Poonam Pandey Oops moment: Poonam Pandey’s little top slipped up, people’s eyes were torn!

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