Rakhi Sawant says Salman Khan saved her marriage, Urfi Javed’s cryptic tweet about suicide

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Rakhi Sawant All is fair in love war andTuesday (January 17) turned out to be an entertaining one for TV celebrity fans. From Rakhi Sawant spilling beans about her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani to Urfi Javed sharing a cryptic tweet about suicide, TV newsmakers of the day not to be missed!

Rakhi Sawant reveals that Salman Khan saved her marriage to Adil

Rakhi Sawant recently revealed that Salman Khan saved her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani. For the inexperienced, Adil initially denied his marriage to Rakhi but eventually accepted. While interacting with the paparazzi, Rakhi said, “Bhai (Salman) inko bohut pyaar karte hai. Brother is also a mile. Definitely bhai ka phone toh aaya hi hai inko. Monkey jaante hi hai karwaya hi hai. Bhai ke hote huye yeh mana kar sakte hai kya behan ko shaadi ka? Bhai ka phone ayega tabhi toh ho sakta hai na cough.” (My brother loves him very much. He also met my brother. He must have received a call from my brother. You know it’s over. With his brother around, do you think he can manage Salman’s sister’s wedding? deny? Something could have happened only after my brother calls.)

Abdu Rozik talks about Sajid Khan

Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan left the Bigg Boss 16 house due to their previous commitments. After coming out, he had a conversation with ETimes TV where he talked about his ‘brother’ Sajid. The singer said: “Whatever happened to Sajid bhai is a thing of the past. He is a good man with a good heart. I don’t want to know and talk about what happened in the past. He is now a brother for life. We were good friends, he used to help me in Bigg Boss house, he is a lovely person. I’m very glad I met him on the show.

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Urfi Javed’s cryptic post

During her legal battle with BJP leader Chitra Wagh, Urfi Javed shared a cryptic tweet about ‘suicide’. She wrote, “Life is too short to commit suicide. Be patient, you will die.” Well, her tweet went viral and netizens soon started expressing concern about her. Some called her “philosopher.”

Rakhi Sawant reveals that Ambani helped ji in her mother’s treatment

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While interacting with the paparazzi, Rakhi Sawant revealed that business tycoon Ambani helped her in the treatment of her mother. For the inexperienced, Rakhi’s mother is critical after being diagnosed with brain tumor and cancer. Rakhi said, ‘I want to thank Ambani ji. He helps with my mother’s treatment.”

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