Sayantani Ghosh responds to Radhika Madan’s statement criticizing the burdening of work culture in the TV industry: Don’t watch TV as a stopgap solution | Bollywood

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Actor Sayantani Ghosh was unimpressed and disappointed after actor Radhika Madan took a sly dive into the working culture of the television industry during a recent interview as the latter was previously a part of it.

Speaking to us, the 38-year-old says: “Each brotherhood, whether it’s television or movies, has its own challenges. You work around the clock on TV and the dynamics are different, whereas in movies you have the luxury of time.

Ghosh says you have to deliver episodes every day suggesting she didn’t like the way the conversation around TV was approached in Madan’s interview.

The famed Naagin actor claims, “What I found in the conversation seemed to belittle the TV industry. I’m a great admirer (of Radhika Madan) and I really think she’s a talent and I’m so happy to see her grow from TV to the movie world but the way that interview was conducted and the point she made are facts and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But because of the way it was portrayed, I have a problem with that approach as a celebrity, whatever you say affects people who listen to it.

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Ghosh says if someone asks about the challenges of TV, she won’t hide, but she’ll also see the goodness of it in the same breath.

Asked why actors are looked down upon when they want to get back on TV after making movies, Ghost claims, “It’s very sad. Don’t see it (TV) as an emergency solution. You want to make a movie, but you have to fight for it, so you get on TV, make money, and then try to make it big in the film society. This shouldn’t happen. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go any further, but there’s no way I feel in my head that TV is lacking anything. The kind of fame TV stars have is phenomenal.” She suggests that they should all coexist and that they all deserve respect.

The actor had shared a little snippet of Madan from her recent interview on Instagram, writing, “So sad to see the TV world being portrayed like this! The actor here started a promising career from a TV show! background laughs, interviews. Such a shame!”

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Ghosh, who has been in the industry for almost two decades, further addressed Madan’s interview saying, “You are now in a higher position and showing grace wherever you go is something I expected and there have also been times when TV actors have been viewed down to. And I find myself a proud standard bearer and like other industries TV has drawbacks as well as many good qualities. The actor feels that TV provides employment for many artists and technicians along with stability when a show is a or two years and also provides a learning platform.

The TV actor believes that if one does not want to do TV, then one should not do it and one is aware of the pros and cons of an industry. “Ya toh aao hi matt. After getting your share of fame and money, don’t belittle a brotherhood. Television deserves a lot of respect.” Ghosh claims she has no idea why people disrespect TV because the dynamics are completely different and the demanding work culture just proves how strong TV actors are. “We deserve a lot more respect and I have never seen movie actors looked down on TV. I’ve seen TV people go to the movies and say ‘Humein TV nahi karna’. Toh phir TV karo hi matt.”

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