Short dress is not a crime, Urfi Javed tells Amboli police on call for ‘indecent’ public dress

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Mumbai: Social media star Urfi Javed went to Amboli police station in Andheri (W) on Saturday to record her statement after receiving a message about a complaint of ‘indecent’ dress filed in public by a BJP politician.

The recording of the statement took about two hours, according to the police. Ms. Javed said she likes to wear different clothes, which is not a crime.

‘I wear clothes according to my work…’

“The clothes I wear are part of my profession and work,” the actress told police. “I wear clothes that match my work and have photo shoots done. Sometimes I am so busy with work that there is no time to change. In such a situation I sometimes have to leave the house [in the same clothes]. That’s when people take my photos and make them go viral.

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She told police she is an Indian citizen and has the freedom to decide for herself what to wear.

BJP’s Chitra Wagh had met with the police commissioner on 31 December to publicly complain about Ms Javed’s “nudity”, saying her attire had become a topic of discussion on social media.

Mrs Wagh had said that the freedom afforded by the Constitution should not be used for such things. In her complaint, she said walking the streets partially clothed is unacceptable in Indian culture and Ms Javed should only wear such clothes within the four walls of her home and studio.

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