Sofit helps John Abraham and Disha Patani stay fit enough to catch a flight

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Watch the film conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson here

23 Dec. 2022 09:10:00 | Video | Campaign India team

Sofit has launched a ‘fit is fab’ campaign featuring actors John Abraham and Disha Patani to emphasize the importance of staying healthy to face any challenge.

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Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson, the film opens with Patani and Abraham waiting for their flight at a gate. While Abraham sips his Sofit, Patani tries to complete the most important dance move for a show. They realize they are waiting for their flight at the wrong gate. They make their way through various obstacles and people to be on time to board. They take a sip of Sofit to feel refreshed before passing a train of airport trolleys. The movie closes with Patani gushing about finding a dance move for their show as they make their way to the right gate.

Ankit Desai, Hershey India Marketing Director, said: “Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier and delicious F&B options, but often fail to realize that fitness is a sustained effort that yields long-term results. For Hershey India, Sofit is a brand of strategic importance. Sofit, on the back of proteins, fibers and delicious variants, stands for the proposition of ‘fit is fab’. It is an ideal drink for anyone who wants to lead and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our new film features Sofit’s brand ambassadors, John Abraham and Disha Patani, who are exceptionally fit, health-conscious and resonate with our brand personality. The new communication encourages consumers not only to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but also to maintain it with energy and determination. It strongly indicates that if you feel fit on the inside, you will ultimately be fantastic on the outside.”

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