Tahira Kashyap Khurrana on turning 40: I didn’t really think my birthday plans would be as elaborate as they turned out | Bollywood

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Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap Khurrana celebrates her 40th birthday (January 21) with her family and close friends in the wilderness of Gujarat’s Gir National Park, saying it was a much-needed break before embarking on her second feature film project.

“I really didn’t think my birthday plans would be as elaborate as they have become. All my family and my friends from university came to Gir. Last year we went to Ranthambore National Park and enjoyed the safari. The plan is the same this year as well,” says Khurrana, who has two children with actor Ayushmann Khurrana.

It will be a lasting celebration for her. After her family trip, she goes to Dubai for a girls trip.

“We will come back on the 23rd and on the 26th I will go to Dubai with 15 of my girlfriends. Bada hi milestone birthday lag raha hai,” she laughs.

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She even admits that she’s big on celebrating her birthday, but with people who matter.

“My parents were very big for my birthday and called all my friends and the whole class for the party. Suddenly after marriage all expectations collapsed because kuch hota hi nahi tha. That’s when the reality hits you that life can’t be one big birthday party every year. Over time, you choose friends and who you want to celebrate with,” Khurrana shares, adding, “it’s not random partying and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Like this is a little trip to Gir we take and then go out with my girls… Its the big 40 so sab kuch kar rahi hun… My heart is full of gratitude that I am surrounded with people who really love me ” .

When it comes to the year, it seems like an important one with her first feature film, directing, Sharmaji Ki Beti, slated to release, and then she also decided on her second feature film project. In the past, she directed short films such as Toffee and pinni.

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She talks about starting a new chapter in her directorial journey, saying, “My first feature film is coming out this year. The second project is with Guneet Monga (producer)… Guneet was the first person I showed Toffee. At that time I didn’t know Guneet at all… Later I made pinni with her, and got to know each other on a deeper level. We feel strongly about many issues. So I gave her a script and she’s on board. I’m really looking forward to starting the movie soon. I’ll be back in action with my next one as soon as I get back from the trip.

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