The “Butterfly Haircut” Easily Gives You Voluminous ’90s Layers At Home, Here’s How To Achieve It

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Beauty trends come and go, but some live on in the world of social media. We’ve seen quite a few trends over the past few years and especially in 2022, from the dopamine trend to siren eyes and more. 2022 gave us some incredible trends and we have another trend in 2023 to keep us going. The “butterfly haircut” is a viral new trend that you should know about. If you loved the layered lengths of your favorite celebs in the 90s, you won’t want any other haircut than this. With millions of views on TikTok, the trend is making headlines for its super easy approach to getting a stunning layered haircut and we decoded it for you all. Here’s how to achieve it!

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What is a butterfly haircut and why is it trending?

With millions of views on TikTok, the “butterfly haircut” is trending and in our opinion for all the right reasons. It’s supposedly super easy, versatile, and for every face shape (which will make anyone happy). The look is all about short layers that frame the face in the front mixed with longer layers in the back, giving the hair a voluminous look. The 90s hairstyle has just made a comeback with a 2.0 twist to it and we’re all for it!

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How to do a butterfly hairstyle?

Unlike ponies, we would actually help you do this at home with these viral tricks. For this trend, you must first wash your hair, brush it and then divide it into two parts. Make two ponytails, a small one in the front and a large one in the back. Then cut off a piece from the front ponytail and then from the back to the desired length. Once you’ve blow-dried your hair, you can just look at the difference in your hair. Thick, luscious, voluminous layers couldn’t be easier than this.

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We may like thousands of things on the internet, but few of them seem attainable and the “butterfly haircut” is one of them.

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