The dead body of a young man who hung on a noose for 29 days became a skeleton in Kanpur

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After an argument with her husband in Bilhaur in Kanpur, when the woman who had gone to her sister-in-law’s house returned on Thursday, she found her husband’s corpse hanging from a noose. It is feared that the corpse hung on the noose for about 29 days. The house, located away from the population, was locked from the outside. Because of this, nobody even has any idea about the incident.

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The case concerns Gilwat Aminabad police station area in Araul village. Sudama Sharma (30) lived with wife Kirti Sharma and two children. After the division of property of father Shivkumar and two brothers, he went to live in a new house a little far away from the village. Wife Kirti said that on December 18 there was an argument with her husband.

After this, she went with both children to Uttarapura, the sister-in-law’s house. Until December 21, the conversation with the man continued on the mobile phone. The man has not been spoken to since. It is feared that the man himself locked the door outside the house on December 21.

After this he somehow went in and hanged himself. When she returned after several days of not speaking, her husband’s body was found hanging. Station chief Arun Kumar said the body has been sent for autopsy. The dead body looks 25 to 30 days old.

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