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What is obscene to some may be artistic to others; one man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric” – this is what the Kerala High Court said in 2018 when a case was brought against a Malayalam magazine in which a model breastfed a baby. And this is not the only instance. Over the years, the courts of India have mostly defended an individual’s rights of expression in opposition to what someone considers obscene or vulgar. Actor and influencer Uorfi Javed’s latest run-in with a politician in Maharashtra has reignited the obscenity debate. But then again and again showbiz personalities have come under fire for photos or other content deemed indecent. Interestingly, most of these cases did not result in a conviction or any other punitive action. We look at some of these cases. ‘Obscenity is not clearly defined in the law, nor is freedom of speech absolute’ According to Supreme Court Attorney Archana Pathak Dave, “The words ‘obscene’ and ‘obscenity’ are not clearly defined under Indian laws. In that case, the judge looks at the context of the alleged fact. The right to freedom of expression and expression is also not absolute. There must be some sense of responsibility and decency. It should cater to every layer of society. You also have to respect other people’s freedom.” Akshay and Twinkle’s unzipping act (2009) Twinkle was arrested and later released on bailP3-photos-2During a fashion show in 2009, Akshay Kumar, walking down the ramp, suddenly stopped in front of Twinkle Khanna, his wife, and left everyone shocked by asking her to unbutton his jeans. She was a little hesitant at first, but later gave in. Although done in jest, the act caused a storm and some individuals filed complaints with the police accusing Akshay of immoral and indecent behavior in public.

AAmir’s naked PK poster (2014) The Supreme Court rejected a PIL seeking a ban on the film’s poster

P3-photos-3 Just hours after the first poster of Aamir Khan’s PK was released, a lawyer filed a case against him and others, claiming that the poster was obscene. Another plaintiff said the film’s poster was “obscene and vulgar” and sought the removal of “offensive” scenes from the film and a ban on the poster.

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Ranveer bares it all (2022) No action taken yet after admission statement

P3-photos-7 The star caused a storm after posting half-naked photos of himself on social media, sparking a police complaint alleging that “the actor has hurt the feelings of women in general and insulted their modesty through his photos”. Ranveer reportedly told police that he was wearing underwear for the shoot and that the photo in question that had led to the complaint had been altered and was not part of the photo shoot.

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Milind’s naked run (2020) The complaint of 2020 was inactive

P3-photos-8 The first complaint, from 1995, was after an infamous ad shoot when Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre posed nude with a python wrapped around them, wearing only the shoes advertised. Another obscenity complaint was filed against Milind in 2020 when he posted a picture of himself running naked on a beach.P3-photos-4

Poonam’s beach trip gone wrong (2020) Arrested and later released on bail

P3-photos-6Poonam Pandey and her estranged husband Sam Bombay were booked for allegedly recording an obscene video in Goa and spreading it on social media platforms.

Shilpa and Richard’s controversial Kiss (2007) Three complaints were filed following the 2007 incident. 14 years later, in 2022, Shilpa was approved in one of them. In the second case, the Bombay HC asked the state government and the complainant to respond to Shilpa’s plea to quash the case

P3-photos-5An AIDS awareness event in 2007 took an unexpected turn when Hollywood star Richard Gere, who attended the program with Shilpa Shetty, planted a kiss on her cheek on stage. Effigies of the actor were burned, although he apologized. Written by Gaurav Kadam

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