Twinkle Khanna Says Parents Need Training Before Kids: ‘Like A Driver’s License…’ | Bollywood

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Twinkle Khanna often talks about parenting in her social media posts and interviews. The former actor, who is now an author, spoke about her children Aarav and Nitara in a new interview, where she also opened up about how most parents “just do it.” Twinkle, who is married to actor Akshay Kumaralso said that being a parent “should require prior training,” just as people should only train and get a driver’s license after passing a test. Read also: Twinkle Khanna celebrates her ‘perfect birthday’ with daughter Nitara, son Aarav and Akshay Kumar. See pictures

Twinkle, who recently made headlines for driving in Mumbai with daughter Nitara, also spoke about her approach to parenting. She said the right way to raise children “is to lead by example.” Last year during an interview Twinkle Khanna had revealed that she pays for her children Nitara and Aarav’s education and never had a joint bank account with husband Akshay.

When asked if there is so much focus on raising daughters well, and not enough on raising sons, Twinkle told Harper’s Bazaar India in a recent interview: “I wrote a column on how to properly raise our sons. way and not just focus on raising our daughters if you ask me just like you have to train and get a driver’s license after passing a test being a parent should also require some prior training we fly all just deal with it and hope for the best at this point.”

When asked further about the right way to raise children in her opinion, Twinkle said that “leading by example” was the approach she would suggest. When asked how the next generation could be raised differently to bring about a change in society, Twinkle said: “You ask me these questions as if I were an expert. Maybe it’s better to wait and see how my children are doing before I start giving advice.”

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Twinkle made her acting debut with Barsaat in 1995; after her 2001 film Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, she retired from acting. In 2015, Twinkle made her debut as a writer on Ms. Funnybones. She followed it up with an anthology of stories titled The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad, which was released in 2017, and the fiction novel Pajamas Are Forgiving, which came out the following year.

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