Urfi Javed admits she wears half-naked outfits for “attention,” and defends her fashion choices: “What’s wrong with it?”

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Social media sensation Urfi Javed has never failed to turn heads with her semi-nude outfits. With her unique fashion statements, the Splitsvilla 14 contestant has earned both controversy and hate.

The ongoing battle between Urfi and politician Chitra Wagh has affected Urfi so much that she has moved to the Maharashtra State Commission for Women. The commission asked the Mumbai police to investigate Urfi’s request for security. However, Urfi still believes in living her life with a ‘devil may care’ attitude.

While interacting with Etimes, Urfi finally admits that she wears such outfits to get attention. Defending her fashion choices, Urfi says, “Who decides what’s good and what’s not? Celebrities say I do all this for attention… Yes, I do it for attention. This industry is all about popularity and getting attention, so what’s the matter then?”

Javed further adds that she is just a 25-year-old who has done nothing wrong and people take her for a criminal. Urfi even claimed that they are complaining about her clothes, but they are not willing to say anything to those who have threatened her with murder and rape. “These people have no problem with my clothes, they’re just here to get attention by using my name.” Urfi says.

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Urfi Javed has once again drawn controversy for her revealing fashion choices. Chitra Wagh, the state president of BJP Maharashtra Mahila Morcha, has filed a police complaint against the television actress for ‘indulging in nudity on the streets of Mumbai’.

Urfi has reacted strongly to the whole thing when she posted multiple stories on her Instagram account against Chitra on Sunday, January 1. In her first story she wrote, “I don’t even want a lawsuit or that nonsense, I’m ready to go to jail now if you disclose your and your relatives’ assets. Tell the world how much a politician earns and from where Also, from time to time, several men in your party have been accused of harassment etc. Never seen you do anything for those women Ms. Chitra Wagh On the work front, Urfi is currently seen in Splitsvilla 14.

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