Urfi Javed appeared on camera without wearing a bra and top, fans went berserk after seeing the actress’s new look

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Urfi Javed New Look: The famous TV industry actress Urfi Javed continues to be in the limelight for her weird fashion sense. Urfi Javed has also often dealt with trolls. An FIR has also been filed against Urfi Javed regarding her fashion sense. But still Urfi Javed does not stop with his antics and a new video of Urfi Javed is becoming more and more viral on social media, in this video Urfi Javed has again given her daring avatar.

Urfi Javed’s look caused panic


At the moment, a video of Urfi Javed is becoming more and more viral. This time, Javed has crossed all boundaries of boldness. Urfi Javed wears a sky blue dhoti style skirt in this video. Urfi Javed does not wear any cloth on the upper body, has covered his honor with a blue feather. His body is largely visible. The actress is once again fooled by this video.

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troll users

Seeing this new video from Urfi Javed, the social media users have gone crazy. One user commented, “Why are you wearing clothes?” The same user chided and said, “What did you see, if you wanted clothes you would have told me.” While another user said, “Every woman has freedom wigs.” They just need to scatter and fly away. Very nice Urfi.”

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