Urfi Javed becomes Papa ki pari for her fans

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Urfi Javed’s experimental costumes, made of the most unusual items, such as bicycle chains, red tape, watches and pebbles, have often made her the talk of the town. Trolls have noticed that her unconventional wardrobe collections are easy targets. However, the intrepid fashionista has repeatedly ignored her online critics while doing what she does best. The social media sensation has once again stunned netizens with her new outfit.

Urfi made the jaws of several people drop and left a lasting impression when she went topless and covered her modesty with feathered wings. The TV personality wore her unconventional top with a thigh-high slit skirt and white wedge heels. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. The actress looked glamorous.

Urfi went to the captions and simply added two feather emoticons to go with the post.

While many of Uorfi’s fans praise her for being bold and creative, others mock her for her “weird and bizarre” fashion choices. She was recently mocked for not wearing a top in her creative video.

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Meanwhile, Urfi has recently made headlines for her feud with politician Chitra Wagh. It all started when the politician demanded Urfi’s arrest earlier this month, accusing her of being naked in public. Wagh was later charged with ‘endangerment’ and ‘criminal harassment’ by the Bigg Boss OTT star.

Urfi’s complaint read: “I have filed a complaint for IPC offense U/s 153(A)(B), 504, 506, 506(ii) against BJP party worker Smt Chitra Kishor Wagh for threat and criminal intimidation to harming model/actress Urfi Javed in the public domain and requesting Preemptive Action U/s 149 and 107 of Cr.PC, (Chapter Proceedings against her for continuously violating the peace in the society by threatening the media).

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