Urfi Javed braless horns, created a stir in seconds with her naked gaze – Look

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Urfi Javed Latest Look: Fashion sensation Urfi Javed is surrounded by controversy these days because of the controversy over her audacity. In the midst of this controversy, Urfi has now once again shared her new badass look with the fans, which is going viral at lightning speed. This time, Urfi Javed has made a topless video to show off her body and experimented with something new.

Urfi watched the latest video

Let’s talk about this latest look from Urfi Javed. In this, Urfi Javed is seen without a bra and has feather horns on her chest. In the video, you can see Urfi complete her look in a semi-naked look with a high slit skirt.

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The bo*ld look wreaked havoc

This sky blue look from Urfi Javed has wreaked havoc on social media users. This look by Urfi Javed is counted among her boldest looks to date. In addition, social media users are showering likes and comments on this look from Urfi.Urfi Javed wore an open blouse with sari in the front, showed cleavage, people’s eyes were fixed, see video

Urfi’s bold look

Urfi shows off her naked look in a closed space in a very daring way. In the video you can see that Urfi shows a lot of style and great moves during this time.

People surprised by Urfi’s appearance in winter

In the video, Urfi can be seen waving her pony. This look from Urfi is going viral on social media. In addition, the fans call this look quite daring. Some users say it takes a lot of courage to do such experiments in this cold.Urfi Javed in Trouble Over Clothes, BJP Leader Chitra Wagh Complains to Mumbai Police, Message Sent

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Ruckus on Urfi’s bravery

Let us tell you that as soon as the new year begins, a new controversy has arisen regarding Urfi, on which Urfi is also fighting vigorously. A report has been made to the police against Urfi Javed. BJP leader Chitra Kishore Wagh has beaten Urfi. Chitra Wagh has reported the incident to the police and has also shared the message on social media. Urfi Javed is very angry about this whole matter and gives strong reactions.Jhanvi Kapoor came out in such a dress late at night, the victim of Oops moment as soon as the light fell from the camera

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