Urfi Javed covers up her modesty with a long braid in the latest video; troll writes: ‘Famous hone ke liye ek din pure kapde utar dogi kya’ | Hindi movie news – Bollywood

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Urfi Javed, who is known for her unorthodox fashion outings, has done it again. The actress ditched clothes and this time she was seen in a pose with her long braid wrapped around her body and her modesty covered. Taking it up a notch, the starlet chose to wear only black lingerie and captioned her message, “I like what I see.” Needless to say, her ardent followers loved the video, but there were many who didn’t like it much and made fun of the actress. Some comments read: ‘Dayan pro max’, ‘Ab ye Konsa fashion hai’, ‘Pagal aurat’ and ‘Bus Karo behan famous hone ke liye ek din pure kapde he utar dogi kya.’ Stay tuned to ETimes for more news and updates.

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