Urfi Javed crossed the border, lay naked in the middle of the road and hid her genitals

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New Delhi: Today’s era is the era of social media. In this age of social media, everyone becomes famous at any time. People’s outrageous fashion is also becoming a trend. People start following each other. Today we are going to talk about model actress Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed has become a social media celebrity. By the way, Urfi Javed doesn’t do anything special except wear outrageous clothes. Urfi Javed remains very active on social media. Urfi Javed reaches her Instagram and parties on the same day in strange clothes.

This strange style of Urfi Javed is more cheated than liked. Urfi Javed is more known for her controversies. Sometimes she comes before the people in a ‘Par’ and sometimes a ‘Dhakkan’ dress. She finds very strange ways to show her boldness. People have made serious accusations such as corrupting the culture on Urfi Javed. But Urfi Javed is not ready to accept that, she then comes forward with one or the other wrong dress.

Now Urfi Javed has recently posted some new photos. He posted a video from Instagram. This video shows that Urfi has crossed all boundaries of shamelessness and hides her genitals with her hair. In this video, Urfi Javed can be seen not wearing anything in the name of clothes, she just hides her genitals by wrapping her body in her hair. Now people’s reactions are starting to come to his photos as well. People troll Urfi Javed fiercely.

If you look at Urfi Javed’s comment box, you can see that people seem to be divided. Some people praise Urfi Javed while some people criticize Urfi Javed’s fashion. Significantly, Urfi Javed Web was also part of Bigg Boss. From there, Urfi Javed has gained a lot of popularity and people are getting to know him. His fan following has increased tremendously after joining Bigg Boss.

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Let us tell you that some time ago an interview with Urfi Javed went viral. In this video, she talks about how she went through some tough times in her life. Urfi said he has not spoken to his father for the past 10 years. She wanted to live her life on her own terms. Urfi also said that his journey to here has been full of ups and downs. Urfi Javed also shared that her biggest reason for leaving home was to live on her own terms. I never thought I have to be successful, I just have to live on my own terms, I have to live free. Significantly, Urfi Javed’s Instagram account has over 4 million followers.

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