Urfi Javed finds it difficult to rent a house in Mumbai; says that both Hindu and Muslim owners do not want to rent an apartment to her

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As we all know renting an apartment in Mumbai is very difficult for normal citizens. While few people find it difficult to find an apartment due to budget constraints, several others do not get an apartment because owners refuse to rent their apartments to people who follow certain religions.

On Tuesday, well-known ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ Urfi Javed took to Twitter to raise the same issue. Urfi said she finds it difficult to rent an apartment in Mumbai, adding that both Hindu and Muslim owners do not want to rent the apartment to her.

“Muslim owners don’t want to rent me a house because of the way I dress, Hindi owners don’t want to rent me because I’m Muslim. Some owners have a problem with the political threats I get. Finding a rental apartment in Mumbai is so tuff,” Urfi wrote.

Urfi is always caught up in endless controversy, whether it’s politicians and activists filing complaints and FIRs against her to trolls sending rape and death threats, and this year is no different.

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Even this year didn’t start well for Urfi when BJP leader Chitra Wagh asked the Mumbai police to arrest her for “promoting nudity” on the streets of Mumbai. Later in the same case, FIR was filed against her. Urfi, however, continued to verbally abuse the politician on Twitter.

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