Urfi Javed inspired Miss Thailand’s outfit at Miss Universe 2022? Fans Draw Comparison | People News

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New Delhi: Uorfi Javed is turning heads with her daring outfits. She has a following of millions of fans and every post shared by the starlet is taking over the internet. She is both appreciated and cheated for her quirky outfit ideas, but this time, netizens are sure that Uorfi inspired Miss Thailand Anna Angham’s outfit in the Miss Universe 2022 pageant.

On January 15, the winner of ‘Miss Universe 2022’ was announced. This time, American R Bonnie Gabriel has taken home the title of ‘Miss Universe’. India was represented by Divita Rai, this event attracted a total of 84 participants.

During the pageant, Miss Thailand Anna Suengam Aim wore clothes made from cold drink can caps, something Urfi Javed also did last year. Her outfit has drawn a big comparison to Uorfi’s outfit. Netizens are very sure that Miss Thailand’s outfit was inspired by their own Uorfi Javed.

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Sharing the photos, Anna wrote: “This dress was inspired by the familiar environment of my childhood. Growing up with parents of garbage collectors, my childhood life was surrounded by piles of rubbish and recyclable materials. This unique dress is purposefully custom made with discarded and recycled materials, namely the ‘Can Tab’ to show the UNIVERSE that what is considered worthless by many actually has its own value and beauty.”

Recently, BJP leader Chitra Wagh said Urfi should be arrested for ‘indulging in nudity on the streets of Mumbai’. After a heated altercation in the form of statements to the media, Uorfi filed a complaint against Chitra, citing criminal harassment.

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