Urfi Javed makes outfits out of garbage bags; says, “I could wear this on a red carpet”

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Urfi Javed is back experimenting with her style after her latest outing in a designer outfit worth Rs 2 lakh. The actress posted a video to Instagram that caught fans’ attention for more reasons than one. In Urfi’s latest film, she can be seen in two different dresses made from black garbage bags. The first is a voluminous and strappy version with a sleek ponytail and the other is a bodycon outfit styled much the same way. Urfi revealed in the reel that she also wore an outfit made from trash bags in Bigg Boss OTT where she was seen as a contestant. But she shared that she made better outfits this time around. Urfi’s caption read, “I could literally wear this to a red carpet event, no kidding. Also the original trash bag outfit I made in Big Boss was inspired by @komalpandeyofficial! Keep inspiring” Urfi was recently spotted in a restaurant in Mumbai with a black number from one of the greatest designers in the world. The brand’s outfits are a favorite of Hollywood celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and many others from Hollywood. Urfi’s Instagram has posts of her outfits that are often mentioned as bizarre and daring. She also ran into trouble after BJP leader Chitra Wagh filed an FIR against her for the clothes she wore on the streets of Mumbai. Urfi said: “Who decides what’s good and what’s not? Celebrities say I do all this for attention… Yes, I do it for attention. This industry is all about popularity and getting attention, so what’s wrong with that? then?”

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