Urfi Javed posts a mysterious suicide note, worrying netizens

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Urfi Javed, a social media sensation, is known for her bold and outspoken fashion choices. She is known for speaking out on important domestic and international issues. However, Urfi worried her admirers on Tuesday when she posted a cryptic message about suicide on Twitter. “Life is too short to commit suicide,” she wrote. Keep calm or you will die. In response to her message, internet users immediately responded with concern. No way, my boyfriend committed suicide last December and he was only 20,” one of her followers wrote. He was a buddy from my childhood. Although he was depressed, his loss not only affects his family, but also his old friends. I really missed him.

But why suffer and endure pain if there is no way to make things better, argued the second. “This statement is actually motivating…sometimes you are too good a blessing,” the third commenter noted. Some online users saw a bright side to it and said, “This statement is really inspiring…sometimes you are too beautiful blessings.” One person commented, “This is deep,” while another added, “Ek he Dil hai urfi kitne baar jitogi.” Urfi Javed is currently engaged in a legal dispute with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Chitra Wagh. Wagh filed a police report against the digital content creator, accusing her of encouraging “vulgarity” with her clothing. The BJP leader was subsequently named in Urfi’s counter-complaint for her comments about her attire. The former Bigg Boss OTT contestant has requested security protection from the Mumbai Police as per the latest news.

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