Urfi Javed reveals her shocking New Year’s resolution

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Toshiro AgarwalToshiro Agarwal • Updated: 22 days ago • FollowUrfi Javed reveals her shocking New Year's resolutionUrfi Javed’s unusual fashion has sparked outrage on social media. Urfi’s fashion will get a double dose in 2023. Yes, Urfi Javed’s new look has revealed what her fashion will look like in 2023. When asked about her New Year’s resolution, Urfi Javed said she plans to wear less clothes in the coming year. Urfi Javed’s viral video has once again caused a stir because of her statement and of course her clothes.

In a recent video with an entertainment brand, Urfi is seen with diamonds around her neck and then asked about her year 2023 resolution. Therefore, Urfi thinks for a while and replies by saying – I will wear less clothes only after New Year. Urfi abruptly stops talking and starts laughing. Urfi Javed also says about her clothes – what’s less than this? In the video, Urfi Javed gleefully declares – what does nothing less mean? Simply put, even in 2023, Urfi Javed will see her sizzling style flash without her clothes.

The new look of Urfi Javed’s Instagram is very sensual. She is seen wearing snake chains and not wearing a top. Urfi sparkles so brightly in her latest look that those who see her style go crazy. Urfi has pushed the limits of her bravery by wearing her new look in public.

Urfi’s outspoken personality has once again made headlines. As usual, her fans are praising Urfi’s new look, while many people have seen her trolled.

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Recently Urfi Javed, of “Bigg Boss OTT” fame, expressed his condolences for the death of Tunisha Sharma, but also stated that Sheezan Khan cannot be held responsible.

Urfi wrote a long essay on her Instagram account advising women not to sacrifice their lives for others.

Urfi Javed expressed her opinion on Tunisha Sharma’s situation saying, ‘While he may be mistaken and had an affair with her, he cannot be held responsible for her passing. If someone doesn’t want to stay with you, you can’t force them.

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