Urfi Javed’s condition is very bad, people saw swollen eyes and compared her to this actress

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Urfi Javed Face: Urfi Javed surprised everyone by sharing her latest photo on social media. Urfi, who is always well dressed, can be seen in this picture with no makeup look and full clothes.

Uorfi Javed Face: Social media sensation Urfi Javed always stays in the limelight for her unusual style. The actress has once again found herself in the spotlight, but this time the reason she’s in the news isn’t her outfit, it’s her health. Recently, Urfi shared one of her latest photos which shows her fully clothed and with no makeup look.

Urfi shared the photo

Urfi Javed shared a photo of herself on social media. Urfi Hui wears in the picture. Her face is swollen. While sharing the photo, the actress wrote, “What happened? If you become allergic, what will I look like now…?’ Users also react strongly to the photo. The number of comments on Twitter has increased. Some people make fun of the actress, while some advise her to stay away from beauty products.

Comparison with Rakhi Sawant

Fans share their thoughts on Urfi’s photo. User Urfi Javed is also being cheated on Twitter. One user even compared the actress to Rakhi Sawant.Neha Malik crossed the boundaries of bo*ldness in the cold winter, fans went crazy after seeing her sexy cleavage…

In the photo, Urfi has shown Javed her swollen face and asked who do I look like. Urfi looks very upset because of such condition of her face. Many users have told that the reason for Urfi’s allergy is to wear full clothes.

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Urfi has a skin problem

This is not the first time Urfi has shared her skin problem with everyone. Even before that, Urfi had told that she has different kinds of allergies, when she wears clothes, she gets rashes or boils. Despite Urfi’s skin problem, she doesn’t stop experimenting with fashion and style. At the same time, she also shared the video. Janhvi Kapoor clicked a tough picture while wearing a saree and saw the sassy netizens getting sweaty too.

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